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Buy Plastic • Virgin Resin • Custom Compounding • Regrind • Flake or Pellet • Serving Customers throughout the U.S., Canada, India, China, Vietnam, HongKong and several other countries.
Akshar Plastic Inc buys post consumer, post industrial, agricultural plastic parts, regrind, virgin resin, and scrap for recycling. Akshar reclaims the scrap, diverting it from the landfill, and processing it into a new, useful product. The Akshar Plastic Recycling team is expert at processing, custom compounding...

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What We Buy

  • ABS Acrylonitrile
    butadiene styrene

  • PC Pol ycarbonate

  • PET or PETE Polyethylene

LDPE Low-density

HDPE High Density

PP Polypropylene

PVC Polyvinyl

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